Well, it’s finally happened.


My older daughter starts high school tomorrow.


She, the queen of self-sufficiency these days, asked me to help her dry her hair and put on her fake nails tonight. I was tempted to check her temperature. She spends more time on her hair and beauty routine these days than I do, and I was pleasantly surprised she wanted my help.

Maybe we’re both feeling a little nostalgic tonight.

As I dried her hair, I thought about my own high school days and how much fun I had. I thought how it really set the course for my life path, how I was her age when I met my best friend I still am rock solid with today. How exciting to think she’s embarking on her own adventure.

I then thought about picking up a little cherub faced toddler from daycare. Getting her on the bus the first day of Kindergarten. Crying my eyes out as I dropped her off at middle school.

I’m an emotional basket case, y’all. Where did my baby go?

The truth is though, I already know.

She is the young woman who looked past all Mom’s distractions last year to work her butt off to get into exactly the high school she wanted.

She is the young woman who lovingly brushed my hair and lotioned my hands and feet for me when I was too weak and in pain to do it myself.

She is the young woman who has cooked dinners for me and our family so I could rest.

She is the young woman who prayed for my recovery.

She is the young woman who put herself aside at an age where she shouldn’t have had to so she could be there for her Mom.

She is my beloved daughter, and I couldn’t be more blessed to have her and her sister in my life.

Here’s to new beginnings, my precious. I can’t think of anyone more deserving.

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