One Is The Loneliest Number


Anyone else around here a Three Dog Night fan? No? Just me?

If you are, then my latest scan results would explain why I’ve been humming one of their hit songs lately.

Are you ready for this?

No, really. Are you sitting down?

I’ll give you a minute.

My March scan showed I have only ONE lymph node left that’s still cancerous.

Everything else is GONE.


It’s unbelievable, truly. Amazing. Overwhelming. I’m still stunned.

And a little annoying! REALLY, CANCER?! You can’t let that one lymph node go?!

So it’s AMAZING news. But as always, there’s decisions to be made. I could possibly do radiation for the one remaining spot. But, it’s not as easy as just zapping me. The lymph node is in between my heart and my lungs, and it’s also too small now for SBRT (CyberKnife radiation), so I’d have to do traditional radiation. Which is lame, and has way more side effects than CyberKnife. Plus, I would need a waiver to get the radiation done and stay on the Cabo and clinical trial. Radiation now without the waiver would disqualify me from the trial, and Cabo is NOT cheap, folks. So even though I’m going back to talk to the radiation oncologist I talked to in the fall, I imagine the advice I’m going to get is stay on Cabo for three more months and then reevaluate. Which is fine. The 40 mg I’m on now is easier to tolerate, although easier is relative at this point. I’m having a lot of GI side effects again, and I’m having a difficult time not breaking out my flip flops now that spring is here in the desert. But, every time I do, I pay for it with tender soles.

Maybe I can start wearing socks with my sandals to match my white hair. Making 80 look 29! Or something like that…

So, cheers, Cabo! Thanks for all the fun. This has been a blast. You keep doing you.

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